Hemp. . . a Closer Look (LINK/VIDEO)

Saw this today…excellent…I think (my own opinion) we need a “Hemp, Revolution.” 🙂

Enjoy the original article link!

The Marijuana Conspiracy – The Real Reason why Hemp is ILLEGAL


Note: This video will eventually be taken down for obvious reasons so watch it while you can;

“Cannabis Hemp – The Wonder Plant! (Not the best character choice, but good information): ” (original site comment)



Fasting…Ever Done It? (LINK/VIDEO)

Study: Fasting for Three Days can Regenerate the Entire Immune System of Humans




The Health Ranger Rant (VIDEO)

I posted this vid in a post yesterday as an update. Upon watching this (which wasn’t really a rant); I felt so impressed that it should be shared. Thoughts of wisdom and questioning certain actions of others (as I often do), be it authority or big companies- well, it should play a major part in our lives and be paramount for the very fact that there are some negative things going on around us and it’s in our best interest and the wellbeing of others that we share these thoughts, stay away from such negative or dangerous actions so that we can if but for a moment more walk in a glimmer of peace and then share it with someone else. It’s just one of many ways to thwart evil, at least without bloodshed amen? With that said, please find time to listen to Mike Adams (aka The Health Ranger) who will be launching a new video posting platform this summer. Find out what it’s about! Might be something you want to move with 🙂

PS, if you share these thoughts expressed by Mike, then please share this video.


Is YouTube Days Numbered? (LINK)

Probably not…more than likely they will take a back seat in many ways to newer and upcoming platforms like REAL.VIDEO (launching this summer!) – (see below). I suspect like me, many of you like things “natural” I mean that’s what we are right? We perform many things like a well oiled machine, but face it, we are not machines. You would think that anything organic, natural and from the earth would be expanded on, promoted even by the elites…it just makes sense. Sadly, there are those who wish you not the best of health, and only have desires for wealth…their god is their belly and their mind is money. Somewhat of a destructive pattern, and only two-dimensional thinking these people are; mental defects that wield power. NOW that’s really bad!

Anyway, a war is raging on behind the scenes; many of you already have experienced censorship from youtube. Friends of mine have been literally shut down for nothing more than promoting the healing “nature” of certain trees, plants and vegetables. WTF?! So now they hate veggies??? NO! They actually hate you. But another challenger is coming, where freedom of expression and suggestion will NOT be questioned. And hey, if it turns out bad and people’s advice is not what it’s cracked up to be, other than you “did it wrong” (LOL) that old adage, “buyer beware” seems to fit. In reality, you take what you do and what you say into your own hands- YOU and you alone are responsible; but there is freedom in that!! That blame game is old. There is profit in peace, but who is buying that? Seems there is a war going on. Anyway; sorry about the rambling on. Enjoy the link:

YouTube goes to war with natural medicine as tech giant starts BANNING video channels for talking about herbal remedies



UPDATED: 5/21/2018 02:010 EST

Health Ranger unleashes epic rant against tech giants’ censorship and attempted extermination of independent voices




Invest in Plants For Your Home (LINK)

…at least you can breathe better inside…God only knows what’s in the air outside (ref. U.S.A.).

These Plants Are Oxygen Bombs & They Clean The Air In Your Home


PS: We don’t really have to cut back on carbon emissions; you see before they changed the data, everyone knows (knew) that plants were created for us, God knew that we would be “making a mess” so to speak, and plants and trees absorb (it’s their job) carbons and release fresh air, oxygen. Old school science students know this. Anyway, get some plants and load your house up…keep them happy (food, water, sunlight) and they’ll keep doing their job. Trees and plants are natural air cleaners. Who needs a hepa-filter when we can have beautiful trees and plants inside; who knows, might even curb some of those allergies.


Caffeine protects the lungs by strengthening minute tissue structures


Anyone Live in Colorado? (LINK)

Oil Refinery Spews 8.5 Tons Of Cyanide Gas Over Low-Income Community Each Year

Article dated May 15, 2018


If it was only a matter of plastic bottles in the ocean or aluminum cans in a ditch…evil, the real evil are companies that make and refine things harming people, land and animals along the way. Who will hold them accountable for their breaking of the laws and killing people, land and animals? We are told/taught/trained to be mindful of our own carbon footprint; seems to me it’s more like, “don’t do as I do, do as I say.” Some idiot is blaming “us” (people of the world) for the woes of the world; more like a diversion from their own sins against mankind and nature. Enjoy the link and be mindful of the danger; and be thought provoking about an answer; I’m sure their is one, but picketing the White House, or going on strike, signing petitions and circulating an email just are viable options. Plan “B” is needed.

PS: in case you’re wondering, we are doing all those things, going green, eating less, drinking more water,…recycling, etc…and guess what- Crap is NOT getting any better…Where are the reports of our “doing these things” and our efforts are showing that things; the earth, weather are getting better? But what is showing is that more and more, the hidden wickedness of the companies and military industrial complex are showing us more aggressive actions (past and present) that hurt both the world and us and our children. This needs to be stopped…someone needs a spanking amen?