For Sale: Puppies


A farmer had some puppies he needed to sell. He painted a sign
advertising the pups and set about nailing it to a post on the edge of his
yard. As he was driving the last nail into the post, he felt a tug on his
overalls. He looked down into the eyes of a little boy. “Mister,” he said, “I
want to buy one of your puppies.”

Well,” said the farmer, as he rubbed the sweat off the back of his neck,
these puppies come from fine parents and cost a good deal of money.”

The boy dropped his head for a moment. Then reaching deep into his
pocket, he pulled out a handful of change and held it up to the farmer.
I’ve got thirty-nine cents. Is that enough to take a look?” “Sure,” said
the farmer.

And with that he let out a whistle,”Here,Dolly!” he called.
Out from the doghouse and down the ramp ran Dolly followed by four
little balls of fur. The little boy pressed his face against the chain link
fence. His eyes danced with delight.

As the dogs made their way to the fence, the little boy noticed something
else stirring inside the doghouse. Slowly another little ball appeared; this
one noticeably smaller. Down the ramp it slid. Then, in a somewhat
awkward manner the little pup began hobbling toward the others, doing
its best to catch up…. “I want that one,” the little boy said, pointing to
the runt.

The farmer knelt down at the boy’s side and said, “Son, you don’t want
that puppy. He will never be able to run and play with you like these other
dogs would.” With that the little boy stepped back from the fence,
reached down, and began rolling up one leg of his trousers. In doing so
he revealed a steel brace running down both sides of his leg attaching
itself to a specially made shoe. Looking back up at the farmer, he said,
You see sir, I don’t run too well myself, and he will need someone who

The world is full of people who need someone who understands.


The World You Create


A man was traveling and suddenly got to the paradise. He sat down under the desire tree (there is such tree in the paradise, sitting under which you can immediately fulfill anything you desire, you just have to want this or that and think or say ) and so the man thought : “I am hungry, so it would be nice to have a bite right now.”

And when he just thought about that, a table full of different dishes he could just dream about appeared before him.
Wow! “– the man was surprised, – “but it can’t be!” – he thought, and table with dishes disappeared immediately. “It would be nice to get it back!” – and dishes appeared again.

He ate a plenty dishes of food – he has never eaten such tasty food before. After satisfying hunger he thought: “it would be nice to have something to drink” – and a perfect wine appeared immediately, because there are no restrictions in the paradise.

Lying in the shadow of the tree and drinking wine, blown with a cool paradise wind, he started to wonder: “What miracles do happen? It just can’t be that everything would be so good – probably some ghosts just playing a joke on me.”

Suddenly ghosts appeared. They were terrible and looked like he imagined them.
The man became scared and thought: “now they will kill me!’

And they killed him.

The Moral of the story?

Everyone lives in the world he/she is deserved. We speak and believe the things we say and think on. It can really affect your life more than you know.

Just a lesson about your thoughts and imaginations. Proverbs 23:7 says, “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he:….

What are you thinking? Where is your faith? It’s shown in your life; or the lack thereof. What you speak about yourself and over yourself has power-

Mark 11:23 says, ” For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.”

Watch what you say and moreover, what you think on.

Phil 4:8Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”


Our Decisions


Late in the evening I was walking in the park. Suddenly I heard a scream coming from behind the bushes. I stopped to listen and understood that a woman was being attacked, I heard sounds of fighting and muttering. For several moments I was hesitating, should I get involved?”

I panicked, I was frightened for my own safety. Maybe it is better to call the police? Then I realized that the woman’s voice became weaker, so I knew I have to act quickly.” ‘Can I run away from this?’ “Finally I decided that I have to help this unknown woman even if I am risking my own life. I felt some strange transformation inside, the moral and physical strength, so I ran behind the bushes. I pulled the attacker off the girl, we fell to the ground and grappled for several minutes. Then the assailant jumped up and ran away.” 

 “Breathing hard I slowly came up to the girl, who was cowering behind a tree. It was dark, so I could not see her face clearly. I felt, that she is very frightened, so I talked to her from a distance”: “You are safe now, it’s ok, the man had run away.“ After a few moments I heard her words with a great amazement in her voice: “Dad, is that you?“. And then I realized, that the girl was my youngest daughter.

Moral of the story?

When we hesitate to do what’s right,….our decisions can affect more than just our conscience. In this instance, the man ended up rescuing his own daughter. Had he not………..Well, more than his conscience would have been affected that night.

Put yourself in his shoes…….what would you do?


Two Angels


There were two angels living in Heaven. One of them was always resting, and the other was constantly traveling from earth to God.
The resting angel asked the other:

Why are you flying all the time from here to there?”

I am carrying the messages from people to God which start with these words: “Dear God, help…” “And why are you resting all the time?”

I have to carry the messages to God which start with these words: “I thank you Lord…

The Longest book in the Bible is Psalms. And this book is a book of singing praises to God! Praise God!
God inhabits the praises of His people (Ps. 22:3).


Soul Wound


Once an old Soul Wound decided to destroy her host. She came to him in a dream and said:

Look at yourself and around you. How do you live? After all, you have only problems- inside and outside.”
 “So what,” – the host answered, – “but I have a wonderful woman, which I love and which loves me.
 “But what can you offer her, except your own problems?” – The Soul Wound asked, – “She will leave you soon.” 
 “No she won’t!” – The man said, – “after all, she loves me.’
 “Think about it – is it possible to love you? You are a loser!” – The Soul Wound exclaimed.
 “That is the thing! If I wouldn’t have any problems – inside and outside, I would have some doubts about her being with me. But now I’m sure about her sincerity.”
 “Ok, then think: if she is so wonderful, do you deserve her? Doesn’t she deserve a better life, than with you – mentally wounded loser with lots of problems?” 

After waking up from his own tears, the man called his loved one and told her that he doesn’t deserve her love, and he is leaving her forever. But the pain was so big that he couldn’t survive the brake up.

The Man died.

In heaven, an angel met the arriving soul and escorted him straight to the gates of hell.
Unhappy and amazed he asked:
 “How come you have brought me here? After all, I committed the biggest sacrifice for love!”

The angel turned to him and answered:
 “The soul wounds only serve satan. You will stay with the one that you have listened to.”



A True Friend- “Never Leave a Man Behind”


Horror gripped the heart of a Marine soldier as he saw his lifelong friend fall in battle. Caught in a small desert valley enclave with continuous gunfire whizzing over his head, the soldier asked his lieutenant if he might go out into the open desert to bring his fallen comrade back.

You can go,” said the lieutenant, “but I don’t think it will be worth it. Your friend is probably dead and you may be throwing your life away.” The lieutenant’s advice didn’t matter, and the soldier went anyway. Miraculously he managed to reach his friend, hoist him onto his shoulder and bring him back to their company’s fall-back point. As the two of them fell to the ground, the officer checked the wounded soldier, and then looked kindly at his friend.

I told you it wouldn’t be worth it,” he said. “Your friend is dead and you are mortally wounded.”

It was worth it, though, sir,” said the soldier.

What do you mean; worth it?” responded the Lieutenant. “Your friend is dead.”

Yes, Sir” the private answered. “But it was worth it because when I got to him, he was still alive and I had the satisfaction of hearing him saying, “Jim…, I knew you’d come.”

Many times in life, whether a thing is worth doing or not, really depends on how you look at it. Take up all your courage and do something your heart tells you to do so that you may not regret not doing it later in your life. May each and every one of you be blessed with the company of TRUE FRIENDS. A true friend is one who walks in, when the rest of the world walks out. And the war doesn’t determine who’s right, it only determines who’s left.


Semper Fi: Military Love

I really appreciate those of you who liked these military blogs. I’m grateful to people like my dad. I only have a couple more stories on the Marines and have only recently (in the process) shared them with my dad. There are no copyrights on these stories. If they blessed you; please print them out, copy and paste if you wish. Enjoy them! And make sure someone else does too! 


A long read but worth it

The passengers on the bus watched sympathetically as the attractive young woman with the white cane made her way carefully up the steps. She paid the driver and, using her hands to feel the location of the seats, walked down the aisle and found the seat he’d told her was empty. Then she settled in, placed her briefcase on her lap and rested her cane against her leg.

It had been a year since Susan, 34, became blind. Due to a medical misdiagnosis she had been rendered sightless, and she was suddenly thrown into a world of darkness, anger, frustration and self-pity. And all she had to cling to was her husband, Mark.

Mark was an Marine officer and he loved Susan with all his heart. When she first lost her sight, he watched her sink into despair and was determined to help his wife gain the strength and confidence she needed to become independent again.

Finally, Susan felt ready to return to her job, but how would she get there? She used to take the bus, but was now too frightened to get around the city by herself. Mark volunteered to drive her to work each day, even though they worked at opposite ends of the city. At first, this comforted Susan, and fulfilled Mark’s need to protect his sightless wife who was so insecure about performing the slightest task. Soon, however, Mark realized the arrangement wasn’t working. Susan is going to have to start taking the bus again, he admitted to himself. But she was still so fragile, so angry-how would she react?

Just as he predicted, Susan was horrified at the idea of taking the bus again. “I’m blind!,” she responded bitterly. “How am I supposed to know where I am going? I feel like you’re abandoning me.”

Mark’s heart broke to hear these words, but he knew what had to be done. He promised Susan that each morning and evening he would ride the bus with her, for as long as it took, until she got the hang of it. And that is exactly what happened. For two solid weeks, Mark, military uniform and all, accompanied Susan to and from work each day. He taught her how to rely on her other senses, specifically her hearing, to determine where she was and how to adapt her new environment. He helped her befriend the bus drivers who could watch out for her, and save her a seat.

Finally, Susan decided that she was ready to try the trip on her own. Monday morning arrived, and before she left, she threw her arms around Mark, her temporary bus-riding companion, her husband, and her best friend. Her eyes filled with tears of gratitude for his loyalty, his patience, and his love. She said good-bye, and for the first time, they went their separate ways. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday… Each day on her own went perfectly, and Susan had never felt better. She was doing it! She was going to work all by herself.

On Friday morning, Susan took the bus to work as usual. As she was paying the fare to exit the bus, the driver said, “Boy, I sure do envy you.” Susan wasn’t sure if the driver was speaking to her or not. After all, who on earth would ever envy a blind woman who had struggled just to find the courage to live for the past year?

Curious, she asked the driver, “Why do you say that you envy me?” The driver responded, “It must feel good to be taken care of and protected like you are.”

Susan had no idea what the driver was talking about, and again asked, “What do you mean?”

The driver answered, “You know, every morning for the past week, a fine-looking gentleman in a military uniform has been standing across the corner watching you as you get off the bus. He makes sure you cross the street safely and he watches until you enter your office building. Then he blows you a kiss, gives you a little salute and walks away. You are one blessed lady.”

Tears of happiness poured down Susan’s cheeks. For although she couldn’t physically see him, she had always felt Mark’s presence. She was blessed, so blessed, for she had felt he had given her a gift more powerful than sight, a gift she didn’t need to see to believe-the gift of love that can bring light where there is darkness.


………….and God loves us too! Just because you cannot see Him; does not mean He isn’t still there