Half Will Always Be Half


Once Johnny asked his teacher, what is more important in a human being: outer beauty or inner? In response to that the Teacher asked his student: Tell me, if you needed to buy a house, but you only had enough money for a beautiful outside, but a comfortless house or, a poor-not so beautiful house, but warm and reliable. What would you choose?

Johnny answered: I would rather choose a simple outside but convenient inside house.

Teacher: But what if a vain person was buying a house, proud of his position, but not having enough resource to buy a beautiful and cozy house?

Johnny: Surely, he would prefer outer beauty and shine of convenience, – answered the student.

Teacher: I think you are right, – said the Teaacher and added: “but regardless of your choice, each of you would understand that you are missing beauty or comfort and would seek it.”

“So, it means that outer and inner beauty are essentially equivalent and valuable only in harmony?” – asked Johnny

“You can say that,” – answered the Teacher smiling, – “but I when possessing a half, you always need to seek for a whole, not losing what you already have. Because a half, doesn’t matter how big it is, will always be only a half.”

Moral of the story?

Many people feel like something is missing. Some see that it’s on the outside, others feel it’s much deeper than that. I cannot tell you what this means; for each person reading this may only have one half. But for those that yearn for that part that runs deeper, when you find that place in your heart that feels like there’s a void…a void in your life, and filling it with something bigger than you- the outside by default shines with great richness! If you only have half in your life, you will always desire the other half.

Personally speaking, only a true relationship walking and following God can you find wholeness. Seek Him today and be complete!

Pss. With all the weird, backwards, and unhealthy things in the world going on; make sure things are right with you. Time is running out. We all have choices……..choose wisely!

two halfs of the whole



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