When The Sun Comes Up!

Hope everyone has a better weekend than my week..LOL Long story, but hey, you go with the punches! It’s but for a moment, and the people that didn’t follow to your future, well, there’s a reason for that;) Nevertheless, we move on amen? We just keep moving forward. It’s Friday! Let make it a special day for someone we love…and better yet, do something nice for a stranger. At one time, we ourselves were strangers, in a strange land…now the land is all that’s strange…LOL Just kidding. You know what I mean. 🙂 Never forget, God loves you!  And He forgave us…are we any better that we can’t forgive others? No. Enjoy the weekend! Much love to you all these days. “…ofthestory.”


In Africa Every Morning A Gazelle Awakens
Knowing That It Must Outrun
The Fastest Lion If It Wants To Stay Alive.
Every Morning A Lion Wakes Up Knowing
That It Must Run Faster Than The
Slowest Gazelle Or It Will Starve To Death.

It Makes No Difference Whether You Are A Lion Or A Gazelle:

When the sun comes up you’d better hit the ground running

Think about this for a while….;)


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