Recent events in my life have lead me to post something that says pretty much what you’re reading here below. This is dedicated to a woman I thought was “normal”; But then, what is normal?? LOL. I suppose we all have our own idea of what normal is. But in matters of the heart or relationships, we can pretty much agree what’s right and wrong to be and, do when others are involved with us, or about commitments we’ve made to them. We can’t deny others love when the love we gave to someone else was taken advantage of. With that said; I’ve prayed for her and others have to. I hope those who read the following can relate to it in a positive way that inspires you to copy it and send it to someone you think will benefit from it. If not, it’s all good. Writers write, posters…post- I do both…:) Have a great Sunday! “…ofthestory.”



Don’t think that no ones loved you,
because they’ve turned away.

Don’t feel they didn’t care for you,
because they couldn’t stay.

Don’t condemn the world for not returning
the love you feel you’ve given.

Don’t hate the one that you were yearning for,
because he couldn’t make a commitment.

Just think of him as experience,
and think how much you’ve grown.

Think of him as the sacred prince
who placed you on a throne.

Think of all your times together,
feeling closer since you’re apart.

Think of your plans of now and forever,
and hold them in your heart.

And don’t let yourself feel so much hate
when he’s no longer your other.

For when you’re both at Heaven’s gate,
that man will be your brother.


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