School can never prepare you for what’s ahead in life. Your mind, what you’ve learned from others who have “already done it,” from those who have skills and trades, gifts and talents, backbone and moral fiber…your own personal experiences- and most of all; your reliance on God to get you through to the next round….LET them be your true teachers and God in Heaven your Source.

But for what it’s worth, and as you move forward, remember not to take life too seriously….but when you do, make sure it’s for someone else’s benefit. As we look to care for others, our own needs will be met. What we give and send out can and will come back to us, some 30, some 70 and 100 fold. The Law of Return still applies today. This blog post is dedicated to those who have struggled with the fundamental basics of school. My hope is that your exposure to fake hopes and dreams, questionable technology false religions and awkward multiculturalism, etc….that at the end of the day, you will find the right path, the right thing that you have had proven to you that really works when faith is applied. And further, that when you crest that victory, that you show someone else your enlightened path….that way we can add to that Kingdom and bring others into the One and only true Light from the universe; Jesus Christ.

As you embark on the journey, remember where your heart is. Talk to God daily. When you need help, He will be there. I’m not very religious, religion will kill you. And I don’t follow any certain ministers; I follow the One who created a reason for ministers. Always go to the source, never put faith in man. As for believing in yourself….don’t. I’ve learned that your greatest enemy is YOURSELF. Trust in something bigger than you, and when you do, you will be successful and be in a better place to help others do the same. Congrats to all those who graduated.

And one more thing, it doesn’t take a village, it takes just one person standing strong and being a leader of many who also have the same desire as you….a better and more loving tomorrow with wickedness far behind. “…ofthestory.”

In this day and age, for some it’s not always about living. Many times we find ourselves going from living to surviving. Below is one of those stories of survival that should inspire us all. Enjoy!



In 1982 Steven Callahan was crossing the Atlantic alone in his sailboat when it struck something and sank. He was out of the shipping lanes and floating in a life raft, alone. His supplies were few. His chances were small. Yet when three fishermen found him seventy-six days later (the longest anyone has survived a shipwreck on a life raft alone), he was alive — much skinnier than he was when he started, but alive.

His account of how he survived is fascinating. His ingenuity — how he managed to catch fish, how he fixed his solar still (evaporates sea water to make fresh) — is very interesting.

But the thing that caught my eye was how he managed to keep himself going when all hope seemed lost, when there seemed no point in continuing the struggle, when he was suffering greatly, when his life raft was punctured and after more than a week struggling with his weak body to fix it, it was still leaking air and wearing him out to keep pumping it up. He was starved. He was desperately dehydrated. He was thoroughly exhausted. Giving up would have seemed the only sane option.

When people survive these kinds of circumstances, they do something with their minds that gives them the courage to keep going. Many people in similarly desperate circumstances give in or go mad. Something the survivors do with their thoughts helps them find the guts to carry on in spite of overwhelming odds.

“I tell myself I can handle it,” wrote Callahan in his narrative. “Compared to what others have been through, I’m fortunate. I tell myself these things over and over, building up fortitude….”

I wrote that down after I read it. It struck me as something important. And I’ve told myself the same thing when my own goals seemed far off or when my problems seemed too overwhelming. And every time I’ve said it, I have always come back to my senses.

The truth is, our circumstances are only bad compared to something better. But others have been through much worse. I’ve read enough history to know you and I are lucky to be where we are, when we are, no matter how bad it seems to us compared to our fantasies. It’s a sane thought and worth thinking.

So here, coming to us from the extreme edge of survival, are words that can give us strength. Whatever you’re going through, tell yourself you can handle it. Compared to what others have been through, you’re fortunate. Tell this to yourself over and over, and it will help you get through the rough spots with a little more fortitude.


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