“I’m Buying Dinner!”

Another Father’s Day moment. Enjoy!


He walks into the room and everybody looks his way,
He is an older man, with just a touch of gray.
He carries himself perfect, with an air of elegance,
Not proud or arrogant like some, that makes the difference.

The restaurant we are meeting at, is lit so very dim,
But I can see the other ladies, staring straight at him.
He is so neat and well dressed, looking like a movie star,
And all the ladies watch him as he stops there by the bar.

I see the other ladies watching as he stops to linger,
And watch them poke their lady friends, and gesture with their finger.
I am so proud as I sit here, and watch their little show,
I’m the one he’s asking for, but right now they don’t know.

I know he’ll make me feel so proud, when they know he’s with me,
What they don’t know, is he’s much more than just what they can see.
Oh, yes he is a handsome man, as all the ladies know,
But, he is so much more to me, than what appearance shows.

He is the greatest man I’ve known, and treats me tenderly,
But sometimes in the past he felt he had to punish me.
I understand his methods now, and all has turned out well,
These ladies, who are watching him, should hear what I could tell.

And now he’s meeting me today and it will be my treat,
The ladies are still whispering and wonder whom you’ll meet.
You start walking to the table as you wave at me,
And as I smile, I also feel their eyes full of envy.

The whispers increase now as toward me you begin to walk,
I smile because you’re twice my age, and now I know they’ll talk.
She is so lucky; he’s really lucky’ they will say, I’ve heard it all before,
But what they don’t know is this man is so much more.

He’s everything a man could be and he is my hero,
And as you reach the table I let everybody know.
How proud I am that you’re with me and you’re a total winner,
I proudly say, “It’s Father’s Day, Hi Dad, I’m buying dinner!”

Source: Unknown

Well, just goes to show you, things aren’t always what they seem.
Next time you see a young lady with a seemingly older man, it just might be her father.
As for the other thoughts, here’s to all you Dads who meet up with you kids for some quality time.


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