Take Time For 10 Things


1. Take time to work—
If you have success you can bless others

2. Take time to think—
Thinking makes sure the job gets done right

3. Take time to play—
Enhances you and encourages others to do the same

4. Take time to read—
Informs; good reads begat good results

5. Take time to worship—
It is the the highway of reverence and washes the dust
of the earth from our eyes-time with God heals us.

6. Take time to help and enjoy friends—
Creates doors for people and builds happiness
in other people’s lives.

7. Take time to love—
It is the one sacrement in life; love never fails.

8. Take time to dream—
It hitches the soul to the stars; accomplishes the impossible.

9. Take time to laugh—
It is the singing of comedy that helps with life’s loads.

10. Take time to pray—
It is the secret of being able to have time to
take the time for the first nine things.

–Pray and listen to God’s voice. I can’t begin to tell
you how much hearing God’s voice has blessed me and
made it possible to bless others.


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