Things Change With Time


A poor boy was in love with a rich mans daughter….One day the boy proposed to her and the girl said…”Hey! Listen, your monthly salary is my daily hand expenses..How can I be involved with you..? How could you have thought of that? I can never love you, so forget about me and get engaged to someone else at your level”

But somehow the boy could not forget her so easily…..Some time 10 years later they stumbled into each other in a shopping mall. The lady again said….,”Hey.. ! You! How are you? Now I’m married and do you know how much my husband’s salary is..? $17,500 per month! Can you beat that? And he is also very smart”

The guy’s eyes got wet with tears on hearing those words from the same lady and speaking to her, “I never married.” A few seconds later, her husband came around the corner, but before the lady could say a word her husband seeing the guy, said……“ahh, Hey Chief! I see you’ve met my wife, great isn’t she?” Then he said to his wife, ”This is my boss, I’m actually working on one of his $10 million dollar projects!

The lady looked in total shock but couldn’t utter a word…….

Later on, the worker said to his wife, “My boss loved a lady but he couldn’t win her heart….he has remained unmarried since. How lucky would that lady have been, if she had married my boss that time?” “These days, who would love someone that much?” the man said to his wife.


Life is just like a mirror.

You can only see as much as it reflects. So don’t be too arrogant or proud by looking down on others because of their current situations. Things get changed with time just like the weather..!

Don’t underestimate anyone because everyone has a great future!

Where you have been rejected before, you will be celebrated in Jesus Name

Thanks to Craig M. in South Africa for sending me this post. I made some modifications to it for better readability. But full credit goes to Craig. Thanks pal. Want to see more from Craig visit his site @


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