Essence of Tact

Hey people. Had some time to post a little something to inspire your mind and attitude.  Repairs on our home are seeming to move forward. Glory to God! The weekend went by fast for us here in NC. Hope you had a great one. It’s “Humpdaaay”  and another weekend looms in sight. Hope you enjoy the following.  Thanks to Brian. I’ll try to post something when I can “…ofthestory.”


A Sultan called in one of his seers and asked how long he would live. “Sire,” said the seer, “you would live to see all your sons dead.” The sultan flew into a rage and handed the prophet over to his guards for execution.

He then called for a second seer, and asked him the same question. “Sire,” said the prophet, “I see you blessed with long life, so long that you will outlive all your family.” The sultan was delighted and rewarded this seer with gold and silver jewelry.

Both prophets knew the truth, but one had tact, the other did not.

Credit: Brian Cavanaugh



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