Forest Of Learning and Wisdom

forest of learning

There once was a new student starting her freshman year at the “College Among the Pines”. She seemed lost, or maybe, searching for something.

A passing senior asked if she could be of any help. “Tell me,” asked the freshman, “Where can I find the shrine of learning and wisdom? I’ve looked on my campus map, but I can’t locate it.”

“Open your eyes, breathe deeply, listen carefully, and focus your attention,” the senior told the freshman. She continued, “There is no shrine for learning and wisdom. It is all around you, among the people, the classrooms, the pines, You are already at the place of learning and wisdom!”

Nothing new under the sun. All you need to learn you will learn along the journey. Scholars only know and understand (barely) what others have experienced or shared; and with their personal opinion and perception and to the degree they understand- write it down which still must be learned and understood by others. Most times, we must walk the same path in order to do such. Drop the books, and get out there- experience life, then share it with others….just as you have read in those old worldly books. Prove all thing whether they be true!


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