Insights From a Butterfly


A marvelous lesson appeared for me just now as I was exiting thru the garage, to come to this little play place they call an office.

As I opened the garage door, I startled a large moth, which, upon spreading it’s wings, displayed a bright red “tail” hidden by the motley brown wings, more a “butterfly” than a moth.

It flew immediately to its perceived escape, the circle-topped window where it frantically tried to exit thru the invisible wall of closed glass.

I raised the third-car garage door in hopes of aiding it’s escape. That caused it to fly higher and higher and become entangled in a spider web. Fearful that it would remain entangled in the web, I selected a long-handled broom to assist him escaping the tangled threads.

At this, he returned to furiously pumping his wings and banging into the glass, which was, in his perspective, the pathway of escape, but remained his cage.

By simply turning his focus to one side, he would have easily exited his prison. Rather, due to his intent on one direction, he remained confined, captive.

*Sometimes it’s wise to look at another direction if the one you seem to be on is not producing any fruit for your life. I’m sure we all have hopes of it turning out right, and the struggle will be worth it. But have you considered that the path you’re on is not the right path for your life? Who are we to dictate our own lives? Can we be the master of our destiny?

At the end of the day, we must conclude that we cannot be the god of our lives and that we were created with a need to succeed. And further in that day, we realize we were made to follow. So if what you are following leads you through trials unrealized- time to change course.

Anyone who wants to be a Captain in life knows there are some areas with rocks in the surf, and we are allowed to change course to avoid them. There are many paths to take through the journey but there is only One Right Way. Maybe today you’re a prisoner and confined by your circumstances…make today the day you choose righteously….choose to focus on that which is right and full of light and when you do, you’ll get to the right destination.


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