He Rescues the Birds


He Rescues the Birds

Once, while riding through the country with some other lawyers, Abraham Lincoln was missed from the party, and was seen loitering near a thicket of wild plum trees where the men had stopped a short time before to water their horses.

“Where is Lincoln?” asked one of the lawyers.

“When I saw him last,” answered another, “he had caught two young birds that the wind had blown out of their nest, and was hunting for the nest to put them back again.”

As Lincoln joined them, the lawyers rallied him on his tender-heartedness, and he said: —

“I could not have slept unless I had restored those little birds to their mother.”

Credit: Charles W. Moores

*I’m not sure if this is true or not, but it sends a small but great message. Lincoln stated he could not sleep unless he had restored those little birds to their mother. Has it ever been with you? You could not sleep? If we think about it, we can pinpoint a time even that day that we should have “restored” something. Maybe an apology we should have sent forth. Maybe we need to right now, forgive someone that we are holding a grudge against.

Possibly, just possibly, if we will help restore a situation or to make right (even if it means lowering our pride) a relationship between you and someone or maybe two other people; we might get better sleep tonight. I had an issue with my neighbor. My wife spoke to me reminding me of this: “Do you want to be right, or do you want to lose a friend?” What was more important to me?

I wanted a friend. Those birds here were restored to their mother. And because I let go of my pride, a grudge, unforgiveness….I was restored to my friend. And I sleep well every night! How about you?


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