Flame of Love


“I can master it”, said the Axe.
His blows fell heavy on the hard, strong steel.
But each blow only made his edge
more blunt until he ceased to strike.

“Leave it to me”, said the Saw.
With his relentless teeth, he worked back & forth.
But to his dismay, all of his teeth
were worn out or broken off.

“Ha!” said the Hammer. “I knew you could not do this.
Let me show you how.”
But with the very first blow, his head flew off, and the steel was unchanged.

“Shall I try?” asked the Flame.
And it curled itself gently around the strong, hard steel, and embraced it, and would not let it go.
And the tough steel melted.

There are hearts that are
hard enough to resist:
The forces of wrath,
The fury of pride.
But hard is the heart that
can resist the warm “flame of Love”.

Go find that love of your life today and light em’ up!

Rom 12:9Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good.”

NEWS links we can use!

FDA document admits vaccines are linked to autism

ROFL! Pharma-controlled press desperately tried to censor this book, but failed… Dr. Kelly Brogan’s takedown of Big Pharma’s SSRI drug lies hits bestseller lists!

Amazon’s legendary boiling river remains mysterious after first scientific study




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