Lincoln and the Little Girl


In the old days, when Abraham Lincoln was one of the leading lawyers of the State, he noticed a little girl of ten who stood beside a trunk in front of her home crying bitterly. He stopped to learn what was wrong, and was told that she was about to miss a long-promised visit to Decatur because the wagon had not come for her.

“You need n’t let that trouble you,” was his cheering reply. “Just come along with me and we shall make it all right.”

Lifting the trunk upon his shoulder, and taking the little girl by the hand, he went through the streets of Springfield, a half-mile to the railway station, put her and her trunk on the train, and sent her away with a happiness in her heart that is still there.

*Ever done something like this? Once? Well, to those who seek to do good and pursue peace consistently, more power to you. Always keep your eyes open for to help someone. The world is evil, overcome evil with good!
Rom 12:21Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.”
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