The Starfish And The Christian


Did you know that if a starfish’s arm was cut off, then a new arm will grow to replace it? If a starfish is cut to pieces, then each piece that consists a part of the central disc will grow into a new starfish.

Some shell fishermen noticed this when they found that the place where they usually stored the shells were crowded with starfishes. The fishermen cut the starfishes captured and threw the pieces into the sea. But what they did was actually make new starfishes grow into more than before.

For centuries, Christians have been the objects of hatred and rejected intensely in many countries- and more so now than ever. But this oppression never destroys Christianity. Even in the most severe conditions, not only does Christianity grow and become even stronger through struggles, it also grows rapidly. Jesus told His church, “…and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” (Mt.16:18)

Believers in the first century in Jerusalem went through a strong oppression, however that just made them spread to all over Judea and Samaria. And, wherever they went to, they always taught the Words and many people turned to believing in Jesus. In Acts 8:5-6,12 many people received Philip’s teachings.

It is true, the church of the Lord Jesus Christ, will continue to grow regardless of how severe the oppression is. Even death will not be able to destroy it!





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