A Cat Fish Dinner


There once was a man who lived by a creek. One day he found himself running low on food; it was only a few days before payday but he was hungry. Now this man walked close with God and decided to pray to the Lord about something to eat. Not long after he had prayed, he heard a small still voice say, “Cast your fishing pole into the creek.”

Well, he thought for a minute and said to himself, “There’s nothing in there big enough to catch and eat, maybe a few crawdads, tadpoles…nothing more than that.” However, he knew he had heard from the Lord and said to himself, “By faith, I’m going fishing in the creek!”

So, there he was, sitting by a creek with his fishing pole in the creek, fishing. Some of his close by neighbors saw this most unusual act- staring at this site. One of his neighbors came over and said to the man, “Are you crazy?…there ain’t nothing big enough to catch with a fishing pole.”

The man hearing his neighbor, just smiles and keeps on fishing. People started to talk; all were saying, “Boy, he must have lost it!” But they did not know the man was fishing by faith and not by sight.

Well, meantime, about half a mile up creek, a man had just got back from fishing on the lake, he had a great catch that day. So as he’s getting out of his boat to sort out his feast; walking with his cooler full of fish, the biggest catch he had that day was a big ol’ catfish. The catfish moving about still leaps from his cooler onto the ground, flapping and flipping around on the ground leaps into the nearby creek.

Well, it just so happens that is the same creek that runs through many properties in that neighborhood, including that of the hungry man. Well, that ol’ catfish flipped and flopped and made his way right down the creek. So, the hungry man still fishing in the creek now feels a tug on his line.

The hungry man then begins to real in his rod and pulling it up sees that big ol’ catfish on the end of his hook. Wonder what the neighbors thought then? Looks like that man will have a catfish dinner for a couple of days.

*How man times in our lives have we found ourselves needing a miracle, a provision and because of our own lack of faith, our own presumed wisdom, we neglected to obey what most would consider “crazy” ? And by doing so ended up missing out on our miracle, our provision…and excusing it off as “God didn’t answer.”

I’m betting God answered, but we either didn’t hear Him, or we just thought that the idea that came to us was crazy, would never work…or numerous other excuses not to do a thing. So what we ended up doing was trading our answer from God with something worldly and usually we ended up owing someone or something else.

Today, if you need a miracle or provision, pray, then listen for God to tell you how to get it. Faith without works is dead. Faith will always require you to act on something. Don’t cheat yourself our of a blessing because you think it’s crazy or does not make sense. God is always talking……listen, obey, receive!

This was written by my wife Angie. Praise God for her!


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