Her Name by Any Other Gift…(Poem)


The smell of a rose allured me, and took me to this place
A place so full of hope and love, God and His grace

I explored the other flowers, by this rose’s side
A humble place so comforting, in the midst of rising tides

The furious tides that surrounded me, I wished for water’s peace
This one single rose I smelled, had calmed my stormy sea

One rose in all its splendor, her arum that led me to
So pleased I was God planted her, in a garden I could use

I’d stop by my new place of comfort, often throughout the day
And see new flowers planted there, but the rose would gently say

“While I’m the flower that allured you, I want you to clearly see
The other flowers by my side, God’s gift from Him to me.”

A single rose most beautiful, the one I’ll always love
Taught me much humility, God’s gift from above.


Song 2:1 “I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.”


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