And That’s What Life is All About ?


‘What is this life all about?
Is it just caring or is it sharing,
Oh why the confusion,
Why the doubt?

For as much as I try and
As much as I care,
I still find it so hard to love
And to share.

Have faith, confidence, and belief, I’m told
And all will be well with me.
Yet try as I may and try as I might,
It takes more than faith to make things alright.

Then lo and be hold, it happened!
The impossible dream came true,
An answer so simple it scares me,
And to think it’s shared by so few.

Yes, in order to receive, you’ve got to give,
That’s what this life is so all about!
It’s the giving and sharing, the loving and caring
That takes away all the doubt.

It’s how you feel about yourself
That really tells the tale.
You’re better than you think you are,
Believe in this and you’ll not fail.

Very little in life is original,
It’s all been said before.
For it goes way back to the Bible,
The Golden Rule and more.

So when you fell low in spirit
And life seems woeful and grim,
Take a good look at your attitude
It’s the very first place to begin.

And if the stress of everyday living,
We’re told can make us ill,
Then let’s believe in miracles
To the world never bending our will.

Yes, it’s our courage and the loving
That sets the stage of life,
And it’s believing, caring and giving
And sharing that makes it all so right.

So take heed, those of you
Who live in a world of doubt,
In order to receive, you’ve got to give
And that’s what this life is all about.’

Have a great Weekend everyone…much love to

you in these days! ☻


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