Do not think of what you do not have;
Instead, appreciate what you have and can still have. (Heb. 13:5-KJV)

Do not think of things lost;
Instead, value what you still have and may yet find. (Phil. 4:19-KJV)

Do not cry over spilled milk;
Instead, rejoice in what was left. (Matt. 6:34-KJV)

Do not think of what you are not;
Instead, be humble with what you are and can still become. (James 4:10-KJV)

Do not think of what others say you are;
Instead, concern yourself with what you affirm to be. (Rom. 12:1-KJV)

Do not think of the hours and days past;
Instead, look eagerly to times that are yet to come. (Titus 2:13-KJV)

Do not think of what you failed to do;
Instead, think of those things that you were able to do and can still best do. (Col. 3:17-KJV)

Do not think of mistakes committed;
Instead, count the things you did right. (1 Cor. 10:31-KJV)

Do not think much of the pain you have caused;
Instead, plan for ways to make amends. (Luke 17:3-KJV)

Do not think of the sufferings you now bear;
Instead, look to the comfort when relief draws near. (Rom. 8:18-KJV)

Do not consume yourself with thoughts of what could have been;
Instead, marvel at what has become and will become. (Mark 12:11-KJV)

Do not be anxious to attain greater happiness;
Instead, content yourself with the little things which bring you bliss. (Phil. 4:6-KJV)

Do not aspire to fill your cup at once;
Instead, have the patience to do it little by little. (Heb. 6:12-KJV)

And if by chance you fail, do not fret over the empty part on top;
Instead, celebrate the space filled up. (John 8:31-KJV)

Do not condemn nature when it is at its worst;
Instead, think of the times when it was at its best. (Gen. 8:22-KJV)

Do not blame bad tidings for things you miss;
Instead, learn from things in which you have been remiss. (Matt. 11:29-KJV)

Nor should you curse good things or others for life’s misfortunes;
Instead, accept them as part of life. (Rom. 12:14-KJV)

I say then, Live fully, die a little,
Learn much but question less. (Rom. 6:2-KJV)

Have just enough but give much more,
Be contented each time to crave much less. (Luke 6:38-KJV)

Doubt less and affirm a lot,
Understand more, and be understood less. (Matt. 21:22-KJV)

Never worry, but hope you must,
Accept all goodness, resist the evil. (James 4:7-KJV)

For all things happen,
In due time they must. (1 Peter 5:6-KJV)



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