Colors Of Hope (Poem)


I can’t see the stars tonight.
Shadowed by silence,
I close my eyes tight.
Pray against the odds of uncertainty
All I want is to believe.

Asking so many questions, only wanting one truth
I realize confusion is tainting my youth.
I want to wish upon a star
But the sky, tonight, seems so very far.

If “seeing is believing”, then what will it take
For those wonders of light to take on some shape?
Like the rain clouds trying so hard to subdue
Tears fall from my eyes- as if overdue.

Helpless, I fall to my knees in exhaust
It was then that I realized,
My Faith
Is what’s lost.

I ask for forgiveness,
Admit I am weak,
Then plead for a path,
To get back on my feet.

Guilty, I am, for doubting a known.
Look where it brought me,
In the dark,
Here alone.

I soon fell asleep on blades of wet grass,
Hoping the storm soon would pass.
It felt as if time had taken a leap,
Morning came and swept me off of my feet.

I stared, eyes all aglow;
Not a star, not a cloud;
It was a rainbow.


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