You came into my life when I felt I was sinking and threw the life vest in time to save me. When I felt there was no hope and all I saw was darkness You came to show me the light. The confusion that consumed me was replaced with Your guidance and assurance of survival. When I reached the crossroads You pointed to the direction I needed to turn. As I felt weakened, Your Words strengthened me. The understanding and care You always show is insurmountable.

Many people have come into my life filling my heart with love, but no one has ever filled it with true love and all the wonderful gifts You possess. People often say You are a mystery, but I see no mystery. I have been so blessed to have experienced the privilege of seeing all Your beauty. You are full of tenderness, care, compassion, gentleness and above all, a heart full of love-for You are love. Through You I have learned what true forgiveness is and the true meaning of unconditional love. With Your help I was able to overcome hardships, disappointments, failures, insecurities and everything that caused me sadness.

You never leave my side and that only strengthens my love for You. You have proven that true friendship can survive many storms. I know, with You at my side, I could never be weak. With each storm You mold me into a rock. Thank you for Your Spirit, strength, guidance and most of all…Your LOVE. I will learn to fill my days with love, understanding and communication. I will do my best to always respect and obey You. Thank You for all You have been in my life. My True Friend…. GOD.

*Special thanks to Yanira Crespo


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