After years of depression and denying God, my mother made the suggestion that I go to Church “just to see”; I blew it off. Then one Sunday morning I woke up depressed as ever and said, “What else am I going to do today but sit here and waste away?” I got dressed and walked to Church, sat down and almost left. Instead I stayed and said to God, “I am sorry I am coming to you now at my lowest point but I need you now. I am tired of living and tired of trying. Please enter me and give me strength”. I cried and a huge feeling of comfort engorged my being. I wrote this poem a few days later.” -Skott Robertson

Thanks Robert!

‘In silence I step into this deep dark water,
I slip under unknowing.
As I float on my back, eyes to the sun,
I see the world drifting by.
Sea creatures at my toes,
Beams of bright clear sunlight twinkle past my eyes.
The water is cold but comforting like mother’s warm arms.
I call out to God to be at my side,
Show me where to believe.
I swim, alone.

I begin to drift away into a long sleep.
Then, as I believe here is where my cold body floats eternally,
I feel your warm hand on my face.
My heart had begun to fill again.
I ask you to swim with me,
You don’t say a word, just swim,
We swim; together forever,
Eyes on each other’s.
I am you and we are us.
We are.
I am full.
I am.’

Thanks again Robert, Praise God! God loves you brother!


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