Imagine for a moment that your life is over. You have died. Look at the complete story, the finished picture and ask yourself..

What was best?? What was worst?? When was I happiest?? How did I help others be happy?

What did I give?? What did I do with what was given me? What did I withhold?? How could I have done better, done more for others??

Did I realize that there was a God, and that I’m not He. Will He hold me accountable?

What stopped me?? What motivated me in life? Did I live my dreams and help others with theirs?

Did I fulfill my potential?? If not, why not?? Did I make a difference?? Did I leave people, did I un-friend those that needed me? Have I left a gap in the world?? Did I do research or did I roll with the world? Did I misjudge? etc.

A new year is coming! Is it too late?!

Now, remember that you are alive. You still have the chance to do it! I reckon that no one is really afraid of dying, but just afraid that when if death came they will not have really lived.

Think of yourself as dead. You have lived your life.
Now, take what’s left and live it properly.”

Marcus Aurelius



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