Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas to all of you who follow this blog.

I know I’ve talked with a few of you; but those

whom I haven’t, I appreciate you for hanging in there with me.

Hope everything you’ve read from here has blessed and enriched

your life and those around you. The world is a wicked one, but

with lights like you and me, we make a difference. I don’t know what it

will be, but I’m sure our efforts will count. It might be well into the

future or the next life in eternity before we realize just what impact our words

have made, but rest assured, if we put our all into it, and point people

in the Right direction, to the One who knows the Way, the One Who made the Way

then all will turn out right. I love each and everyone of you. And I pray blessings this

time of year, to you and yours. Special thanks to those who are deserving of

so much credit also who help continue ‘Of The Story’ and if anyone wants to send me more

inspirational short stories, well…you know how to reach me.  You’re blessed to be a blessing!


-Moraldiplomat (AKA Marty)


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