Device Addiction-Trapped by the World


In India, when elephants are young they have a length of rope tied around one of their legs and attached to a wooden stake in the ground. This limits the distance they can go, and is apparently to keep them safe, secure and to stop them escaping.

The thing is, as these elephants get older, their minds become conditioned and a fully grown elephant will still go only as far a the length of the rope. All without realizing that now he could just walk away and has the strength to pull out the stake. (on attachment/clinging and letting go)

Again in India, they have a fascinating way of catching monkeys. They hollow out a coconut, cut a small hole in the top and fasten it to the ground. With some of the monkeys, favorite sweets are placed under the hole (inside the coconut).

The monkey comes along, puts his hand inside and grabs the sweets. The thing is he can’t get his hand out while he is clutching the sweets. He doesn’t know how to just let go and walk away. This is how he gets trapped and maybe killed!! If he would just open his hand, let go, he’d be free.

What are you viewing this on? Is it time, can you let go?

It’s alright to have things, as long as the things don’t have you.

Cell Phone Addiction, like an addictive drug, your cell phone is now a “drug” of choice.


Computer addictions LINK HERE

Credit: *Thanks to: Wishes to remain anonymous


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