How Do We Live


Open your heart to others, try to understand,
When someone reaches for you, grab hold of them,
Do what’s right before the Lord, and don’t mind what people say.

Do things that make you able, and enable others;
smile throughout your days, treat other people the way, you’d like them to treat you, Do what you know is right, just, morally solid and of goodness.

Remember what life’s all about, it’s how you make people feel,
What you do, where you go and making dreams become real,
Helping people through, in hard times of pain and strife,
What you do for others, is what’s important in this life,

Look deeper judge righteously, see their heart, know their mind; observe their actions. People cannot act beyond what they can think.

It’s what’s inside that counts and what people try to hide;
Care, help, love, be honest and be kind, and pure and good among those watching, and a good example you’ll be.

Do all you can redeeming the time. Because many will err and run out of time. Recapture the joy of little things, that once were easily found- the good days long passed, And if you can do all this and live a life of love, you’ll be helped through life; as blessings return from above.

How Do We Live …? Day by Day



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