People Win With Character Not Characters


CHARACTER – the mental and ethical traits marking a group or an individual

TRAIT – a specific quality of a person

QUALITY – the degree of excellence

ETHICS – a set of moral principles or values

VALUES – something that is important to an individual

MORALS – principles of right and wrong

PRINCIPLES – a code of conduct

People win with character not characters. Character is the mental or ethical traits that mark an individual or a group. A trait is a Quality of a group or an individual and ethics are moral sets of principles or values. A principle is an individual’s code of conduct. A value is degree of importance placed on something by an individual.

To have character, as individuals and as a group, one must first have a code of conduct (principles). This code of conduct is the standard of behavior that individuals and groups hold themselves and friends accountable for (morals). This code of conduct is something that becomes important to the individual and the group or assembly (values).

The task of instilling a set of moral principles and values (ethics) lies in the hands of the leader, elder or teacher. The leader or minister instills the specific qualities that he desires his group to have (traits). With this, the individuals now hold themselves to a higher degree of excellence (quality). Something the world knows little about.

But this is how you win and excel above others-with character and fail with characters. Character is the mental and ethical traits that mark an individual. The following is a list of traits that a godly assembly will know and hold each other accountable to:


JUSTICE- a reward or admonishment as deserved.

JUDGMENT- the ability to come to a sound opinion

DEDICATION- to devote to a purpose

INTEGRITY- acting honestly and sincerely

DISCIPLINE- being efficient in controlling oneself

TACT- the ability to say something without closing a door.

INITIATIVE- the action of taking the first step or move

ENTHUSIASM- an intense or eager interest

BEARING- the way one carries and conducts oneself in pressure situations

UNSELFISHNESS- showing a concern for the interest of others rather than yourself

COURAGE- the quality of being consistently brave

KNOWLEDGE- how well you understand a specific task

LOYALTY- faithful to God first, then to family, friends, colleagues, and obligations

ENDURANCE- the ability to last and withstand pain, trials and difficulties.

These traits are the road map to character. They separate a group of people with character from people of just characters. A group of characters will never be successful, no matter how gifted they are, because they lack the traits that give them standards for the degree of excellence that they hold themselves and their friend accountable for day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute.

If we teach character, we can go to bed knowing that we sent people into life with the tools to succeed and be a greater blessing impacting the world for God, for good and for the future. Because in the long run, if we are just teaching people how to pretend to be those things, what are we really teaching people?


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