Quote Power


Let us value and appreciate the quotes that are sent to you in whatever manner it may be. A lot of people disregarded them and consider them as a mere quote, just like that. If only we realize that a mere quote can be so much more. Here are a few observations, from my point of view:

1. Quotes are created by authors because something touched him/her and would love the same effect be felt by you.

2. Quotes can summarize a lesson learned. We don’t live a lifetime to learn all the lessons, let others lessons be ours as well.

3. Words have power. A powerful quote/lines can make a difference, change a life, lift your spirit and perk you up with positivity.

4. A quote is also a form of reminder that the sender values you and loves you and is concerned about you.

5. It’s not a just a quote per se. If you’ll read between the lines and try to decipher it, word for word, you’ll realize the brilliance the message is trying to convey.

6. A quote can define an experience felt by others, whether a sad or jovial experience, moments of grief, moments of remembering your spirit.

7. A word spoken in due season can change a life (Ref. Prov. 15:23 Especially when it’s a quote from a good King James Bible

These are just a few reasons and am sure there are a lot more.

So, the next time you receive a quote, or a verse from the Bible, find time to read, reflect, and embrace its wisdom. For sooner or later, that quote will be of use somehow, someway, and it can build a better person in YOU.

Let us exchange thoughts and wisdom….

keeping it to yourself won’t do any good; for it’s in sharing with others that makes our life meaningful.

2 Thess 2:17 “Comfort your hearts, and stablish you in every good word and work.”


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