Girl Gets Answer to Her Prayer With Baby Cow (True Story-report )


*Recently (today 😉  ran across this story from 2008. It’s true and well, who doesn’t like a good story, especially if it’s true. I remember this one well. Enjoy and keep the faith! –Moraldiplomat

The Associated Press writes, quoting the Texarkana Gazette -Published: 05/06/2008 tells the story about a little girl named Jamie Zimmerhanzel. Her and her parents call home in Sweeny, Texas and was was soon to send calves from a pregnant cow to the slaughter house. Jamie wanting a cow, pleaded with her father not kill all of them. But it was set to happen.

For Jamie Zimmerhanzel to get to keep a calf from one of her family’s cows, her father set impossible conditions: it would have to be a female and have to be black, her father said. So after she knew what she had to have happen, she began praying with deep faith about this cow. And the miracle that happened as she held strong to her faith and stood behind what she believed in was amazing.

Little 7-year old Jamie never imagined how her prayer would be answered. Jamie continued to speak to her father pleading with him for a cow; saying to him that one of them was her cow. She knew it was meant for her. Again, several times Jamie was told of the conditions that would have to be met; otherwise all were going to be slaughtered.

The day the calves were born, Jamie was at school and did not know what the true miracle was. Jamie’s parents were not going to keep any new calves born on their farm, but changed their minds when they saw the distinctive marking matching their daughter’s first initial.

Her mommy wanted her to guess and Jamie just could not guess. When she arrived home she found that one was black and realized there was a white “J ” on this calf’s forehead; she fell in love with this beautiful heavenly cow.

It was an amazing miracle! Against the odds the second of four calves born was a girl and it was black! Again, if that was not enough of a miracle baby calf; added proof that it was meant to be Jamie’s, the otherwise all-black calf was born with white hair on its forehead in the shape of the letter “J”. The calf’s name is J because of the “J” on her forehead. “J” for “Jamie.” It truly was her cow.

It goes to show us just how beautiful miracles are. That a little girl at 7 years of age could have this faith to pray for this wonderful cow. This is an amazing story. We can all learn something from Jamie and her beautiful cow J. And that is to stand strong and firm in faith no matter what and believe in the power of prayer unto the Lord and know that you are heard.

Sometimes we do not always get it when we are expecting it. But as Jamie was patient; look at the wonderful results she has because she waited for the blessings.


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