An Observation

Stone Picture Frame:

Many people say that they want to kill themselves but then they don’t want to die.

The statement above is just like life, confusing and complicated but that’s no reason. Life at times can kick right in the face. Many survive to stay standing up, others fall straight to the floor. But you must always keep a positive attitude. Life may seem unfair but remember God won’t allow more on you than you can handle; He always makes a way of escape.

Learn from your mistakes, take risks, reach for more, not to be selfish but for the sake of giving to others. Life – this is life, it’s the only one we have-you’re not coming back in another life to try again. Appreciate God and what He created cause it’s for us, make a difference in someone’s life- that feeling is inexplicable.

Learn to give and receive love. Love your friends, those angels sent from God, love your family and don’t hesitate to mention how important they are you because you never know if they will fall and tomorrow won’t be there for them- better safe than sorry.

Learn to make time for you. Learn that life is a journey and we must enjoy every single minute of it. We can’t navigate through life with fear. We must stand tall and keep on through this adventure.

No, you can’t go back in time but memories sure can. Don’t be sad that it’s over; be happy that some things occurred. At times you have to move on, you can’t stick with memories; those moments are gone, but don’t forget them- some were good.

At times you wonder why? Why people are the way they are? Why are they like that? When everything is going awesome, no one remembers God. Seems like when they are in crisis is when they go to Him? Why? Have a visit with God in Heaven when things seem blissful.

Also, at times you give people love, they take it and then throw it. You try friendship and they can’t even be there when you need them. Why? That’s just part of life.

In parts of the journey you will encounter unfairness but don’t worry, as long as you know you did your part you’ll be fine. Hey- they slap you once, offer them the other cheek. It’s painful to be slapped and to understand but we must and learn to forgive.

Anyway, watch out for obstacles that want to stop your journey, your happiness, your freedoms and that of others. Don’t give up, keep on shooting the ball, because it’s bound to go in because the hole is there!!

Don’t change, live this second like there will be a billion more. But if you do change others that see you will change too. So if you change for the better, you empower and bless others. Remember just like a clock we can’t go back in time. Think twice before you act, but think thrice before you speak – words have power- to hurt, heal or edify. Love, live and enjoy and help others do it too!!

Written in part with Esmeralda R., Age 17

*Enjoyed it Esmeralda 🙂

Good job!!!!!!!

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