I Survive (Poem)


‘When the ocean empties and the land turns blue,
When my path is blocked and I can’t make it through,
When the stars fall down one by one and it rains snow,
When my car breaks down and I can’t find a tow,
I will still stand on my own feet proud and tall,
I will get back up on my feet after the hardest fall,
I will find my way home through the foggiest dim path,
I will always have the strength for a smile and a good laugh.

We walk each day down a narrow and winding road,
We struggle and always seem to survive each life turn,
No matter how big and heavy we always carry the load,
I may fall and crash but I won’t lie there to burn,
Each moment of life contains a lesson to be learnt.

So when at this days’ end I’ll have stood
against perils and sword,
For It is in this life you see, I trust the Lord.’

Credit: Tammy C.

Whenever something gets you down and all those bad feelings return you have to remember you’re the soldier and this life is your war. Are you going to let life beat you down and keep you there or are you going to fight for your rights?” -Tammy

*Thanks Tammy, wise words.


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