She Went An Entire Year Without The Internet…


Well, LOL! I received this article recently and thought to listen to this testimony/experience rather and found it intriguing. I thought it important enough to share here which I often don’t reprint things of this nature; however, seeing how I can remember when their were no cell phones, no computers, no tech of really anything to speak of; it was a life different than today- a world that seemed a little more stable. I mean what would you or I do if somewhere down the road, the lights went off forever? What would people do if say the web/net switch was flipped off; and the net or web was no longer part of your life? With that said, I hope this inspires you……and you inspiring others. “- Moraldiplomat

Written by: Off The Grid Radio

“Imagine going an entire year without using the Internet – no Facebook, no Twitter, no YouTube, no email. Not even Google or Amazon.

Sound impossible?

Perhaps it is for some, but this week’s guest on Off The Grid Radio did just that – and she learned a lot from the experiment. Her name is Esther Emery, a modern-day homesteader who spent 365 days away from the World Wide Web. She even got rid of her smart phone!

Emery discovered things that nearly all of us – those who spend regular time on the Internet — miss each day of the week.

Emery, whose book What Falls From The Sky details those 12 months, tells us:

-Why she decided to spend a year away from the Internet.
-How long it took before she no longer craved it.
-What traditional old-time activities she learned to love during those months.
-How the experiment dramatically changed how she views the Internet.
-Finally, Emery shares with us what she discovered – lessons that can’t be learned while staring at a bright screen.

We were inspired by her story … and we think you will be, too!

Click here to listen to this week’s interview.


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