Off Grid Living

Image credit: Ed Gold/The Sun

*Special Note: I don’t usually do this but I’m posting or rather reposting an article/video with all permissions and guidelines followed. Why? Cause it inspired me. I remember a time, not off grid but a time when things were more “simple,” a time when people didn’t hurry so fast to get somewhere and a time when we took “time” to enjoy the people we met, our friends and family-without the use of technology i.e. social media kick people are on today.

It’s getting to be that you can’t see someone in a car or even walking down the road but what they don’t have a phone in front of their face. To you, it’s life…to me, it’s bizarre and sad in many ways. As you know I’m anti-tech, and it’s ironic cause I’m using this medium (tech-online) to get this to you. It’s all good I guess. Everything in moderation I suppose. The following vid is only seven (7) and a half minutes long. It would do you well to make “time” to watch it. God bless and I hope this inspires YOU! –Moraldiplomat



This News Shot is about the Atchley Family of Alaska. Their story is an incredible one, as they have re-kindled the spirit of the homesteaders of the 19th century and live a total off the grid, self-reliant lifestyle…free of government intrusion!

Source: LIFE off the GRID: Meet the Atchleys… the World’s Most Remote Family Who Live Hundreds of Miles From Civilization With Only Hungry Bears for Company

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One thought on “Off Grid Living

  1. If you liked their life’s story you would have loved reading and seeing about Heimo and Edna Korth the last people allowed to live in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 150 miles North of the Arctic circle.

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