Let’s Hope, But If Not. . .

*Survival tidbit

Let’s Hope, But If Not. . .

……there are some things I recommend you do:

Let’s hope we have peace on Earth or at least peace in a protected America. And remember, it’s not always the enemy abroad, but the enemies within that can cause you to slip up and cause you or yours harm.

International unrest seems to be rising to new heights. But just in case the world goes to hell, I’ll discuss some things I’m planning on doing and so should you.

I’m making it a priority to get as fit as I was in high school. Now is the time to stop making excuses about physical fitness. I’m overweight according to my doctor and all online research. I used to tell myself because I play a lot of sports, my quads and calves are so much bigger and heavier than the average person. But I know this is wrong because I was cut, more svelte and 20 pounds thinner in high school and my legs were just as big.

It’s important to be as lean as possible when you’re chasing down an intruder or running away from an angry mob. I plan to make sure I can run three consecutive miles in 18 minutes or less because I’m only about two miles away from the water where I can take cover. Make sure you are fit enough to run nonstop to your closest safe zone!

I’m also planning to reinforce my secret room. Do you remember watching Wes Craven’s 1991 film, The People Under The Stairs? It’s as good as watching The Exorcist as a kid. Nightmares galore! You’ll learn from the movie everybody should build a secret room so nobody can find them.

Your secret room should have electrical outlets for a mini fridge, microwave, router, CCTV, laptop, and cell phone. You should be able to live in your secret room for at least a month to let any sort of nuclear radiation thin out a little. If your enemy is camped outside, the longer you can hold out, the higher your chance for survival as they move on to their next victims.

Don’t forget to build a ventilation system and reinforce the entry way with steel rebar. The biggest risk to a secret room is that it gets discovered.

Your enemies could smoke or burn you out, so consider having some type of anti-fire device, and keep several oxygen masks as well.

In addition, I plan to re-train myself in hand-to-hand combat and firearms. Now is the time to watch every single Youtube video there is about how to use a knife and a gun. Take classes in hand-to-hand combat as well. Focus on chopping the person’s throat, elbowing the solar plex, and kneeing the groin. If you can grab a hold of your assailant’s pinky, bend it backwards until it snaps.

Time for everyone to brush up and get fierce! We’ve been passive long enough!

Credit: Jonathan C.

*Thanks Jonathan! Great ideas here. I a tad overweight myself; got the other things covered. Hey, worst case scenario…you’re in shape; might know a little more about self-defense and all is right in the world eh???? LOL! I wish that were true and all of us that watch the watchers were wrong………..just be ready at all times. There are no warning signs. Do what you must do; be where you must be, but don’t panic.

Keep in mind, it’s not about us, most of us have families, even a family of one. Others don’t care about your family; so you need to step up, step in and get with it. The time for passive behavior is drawing to a close. Love your family? Then be the best they’ve ever had!


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