Perhaps the most relevant period in history preppers refer to is the time of the pioneer settlers, and for good reason.

The pioneers (Our European ancestors) taught us about cooking on an open fire (particularly in cast iron pots), baking (bread and hardtack, the latter having an unbelievable shelf life of 50 years – source), grinding grains, herb gardening and herbal medicine, how to build a root cellar, bartering and things like sowing, knitting, carpentry, masonry.

The pioneers were very skillful people indeed. Since we’re talking about them, it would be wrong not to mention they invented Pemmican, a high-energy food used by Native Americans. The original pemmican recipe consisted of dehydrated meat, berries and nuts.

Though preppers are honest, hard-working patriots, there’re still some lessons to be learned from the power-hungry mobsters who rose to power during the 1920’s.

The first lesson is funny if you’re familiar with the term “comfort foods.” This refers to those items that will bring comfort post-collapse such as alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, sweets etc. The infamous Italian-American organization rose to power from illegal alcohol trade in a time when it was prohibited. People still needed booze and they’d pay big bucks to get it on the black market.

The other lesson to be learned from the American Mafia is trust. Because they were so eager to become rich and powerful through illegal means, they couldn’t trust anyone.

This is exactly what it will be like for you and me in times of social unrest, when Martial Law, gov’t sponsored terrorism, food rationing, lack of clean water and medical supplies will be common.

Tough times require tough decisions. The only question is, will you be able to make them?

Always Safe, Always Prepared

Credit: Frank Mitchell

Thanks as always Frank. Great question. I suspect many won’t know what to do in a “bad” situation. Much like today, they will rely on someone or something else that does.

Bonus Video!

Alone In The Canadian Wilderness (Full Version)

Thanks to SURVIVAL LILLY @ Youtube. It’s a long vid, but worth watching; kinda funny too. I like how she keeps calling for this “bear” she is hearing. LOL!


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