Check Points

*Survival tidbit

At least 1.5 million people in eastern Ukraine have fled their homes due to the armed conflict between Ukrainian government forces and separatist groups in the eastern Donbas regions.

Recent months have shown an alarming escalation of hostilities in the regions by pro-separatist rebels—who identify with their Russian roots and seek independence from the Ukraine—and Ukrainian forces fighting to keep the regions under government control.

The elderly and people around retirement age are particularly vulnerable in this conflict as they find themselves without a home, a pension and their families.

How are these survivors making it? What can we learn from their experience living in a war zone?

In times of civil war, guns can save you, but they can also get you killed.

Are you fighting along with one of the factions involved? If not, then make sure you’re not confused with one. If you just want to be left alone, then don’t openly carry a gun. Openly carrying a weapon means you are a fighter on either side of the conflict. If you’re not with either one, BOTH will consider you an armed enemy.

(As for a check point, maybe you can get your weapon across ahead of you to be reclaimed at a later time.)

At the end of the day a gun can save your life, but in a world of no easy black and white answers a gun can also cost you your life. Keep any weapons concealed, and be ready to ditch them, sell them or cache them depending on the situation you are involved in. Just going gun-ho is not the one and only answer to all problems.

I sure would like to be armed if I was in Argentina today. If there’s trouble, 1000 bucks will most likely buy any cop’s silence. At the same time, in the 70’s during the military Junta and state terrorism, going around armed in Argentina wasn’t a good idea if you wanted to avoid trouble. If you were caught and found to be armed, the security forces would immediately assume you were a leftist terrorist, and you would be tortured, executed or go “missing”. During these torture sessions, people who were not involved would often mention the names of innocent people, just to stop the tortures. Just being in the wrong phone list of a coworker or fellow student was enough for the security forces to pay you a visit.

Get a Glock 9mm and a rifle with a folding stock. As explained earlier, you want to be able to conceal your weapons (worry about legalities later). Eventually, you may have to leave behind you rifle and even your handgun. You sure won’t be boarding an evacuation plane or train with one.

Also note, NEVER get on board a suspected emergency plane, train or boat if you suspect it to be gov’t controlled. There are still missing people to this day from disasters around the plane-et; most were presumed dead due to the disaster, but cannot be proven. However, many planes that evacuated people to safety (i.e. Hurricane Katrina) were also never reported as being seen again so be aware of this- it’s not a theory!

What about going through check points? Is it worth getting killed or arrested? Or are you better off selling you gun to someone who is staying behind, grab a few extra hundred bucks just as you board a bus or train leaving the conflict area? You want a gun that is ubiquitous, that fires a common round and has a well-known reputation. Basically, you want a great weapon that works well for you, but you also want a weapon that is eventually easy to sell as well. Conflict or not, Glocks ,AKs and Ar-15’s are great staples.

You don’t know how many times I’ve seen reported rapes, robberies and muggings on the news and the, thank God surviving victims could have turned the outcome had they been armed. It’s a nasty evil world out there- not everyone likes the world, plants, or even your life. I believe in God to protect me, I do. But when I go out into the rain, I still get wet.

Don’t get me wrong, keep your guns if you can. It’s like rain aforementioned, an umbrella or shelter is great protection from the elements. That’s how I look at guns and knives. I’d rather have one and not need it, than need one and not have it. Be sure to read up on gun safety. So many people have been injured or dead because they don’t know how to use or keep a gun.

The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth,

Credit: Jonathan C.

Thanks Jonathan once again. Have a great weekend!!! To all !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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