Not All Outlaws Are Bad

All outlaws were not necessarily bad men. Many were victims of a corrupt law system (similar to the one here in the U.S.), some were honest rebels against the regal status quo (politicians and their deputies of law), others were simply in the way or social outcasts (non-rich or lovers of God rather than money).

Medieval people were all firm believers in God and prayed to for deliverance and support; this would provide a degree of comfort during periods of pain or lonely isolation.

In addition to the tangible requirements for survival stated in previous posts regarding lessons from Robin Hood, there is the less tangible but most important requirement of sheer willpower if you don’t think you can survive you probably won’t survive.

The psychological effect of living outdoors for a long time on a knife-edge would wear down an outlaw’s ability to think and plan; he would be unable to react rationally to an immediate or sudden threat and any ill-considered action – or sheer panic – would sink him deeper and deeper into trouble. He would become as wild as the environment, cease to be fully human and eventually succumb.

An old survival adage from the North American Fur Trade years 1750-1840 is: Where one man can survive, two men can fare well : certainly numbers would permit support and a delegation of tasks but would also require more food from a selected catchment area(s).

In the medieval forest world there are no doctors, dentists, supermarkets, clothing outlets, friendly policemen, fast-food chains or charity shops.

To survive in the medieval forest to become like Robin Hood, one must take into account that it isn’t just about survival – you must adapt, improvise but above all overcome; take precautions, make preparations and plan ahead.

Only then will it cease to be simple survival and become a way of life but to endure the long term, you really must learn to stop roughing it, settle in, know your stuff, develop a routine, then learn to like it and want to be there. Only then do you become part of it all. And above all, count on God to supply all your needs wherever you find yourself.

“If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there.” Psalm 139:8

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