New Years Resolution?

You may want to re-think you new year agendas. I cannot give my source verification here for obvious reasons, but in this video, it’s all documented, and accurate. Sadly, the Bible Scripture used is not the King James Bible. I think it will explain better. Nevertheless, this is accurate. One of the best vids on u tube I’ve seen!!! Surprised that it’s still on hear with all the vids being removed for numerous reasons. Please sit and watch it. Why am I posting this, cause I love people, adore freedom, and want my brothers and sisters of our ancestors safe and healthy. Be aware, gov’t IS NOT your friend; don’t I repeat, DON”T seek them for help, I don’r care if your house flies into the air or sinks into the ground.  Kudos to the one who made and captured this news footage. Thank you! God bless!!! For those of you who are not in America, pray for it’s people.


Do You Realize? (VIDEO)

After watching; do you still feel real, human, natural, organic…or something ……else?

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Oh, better hope we don’t have an EMP pulse…that’s one heck of a kill switch!!!

Well, Merry Christmas…

It’s been a hard year for so many, especially me and my family. I wish I could say it’s gonna be better for all of us. I’m sure it will be for some and for that, I’m happy. Wish I could share in your joy. But hey, it’s enough for me to believe that there is still joyful people in the world. I lost my brother-in-law last Christmas…Dec. 36th 2016; he was only 57. I hope everyone who reads this lives longer than that. It’s been said that “you never know when you time is”

WELL, he didn’t have to have that time…he didn’t have a good family life after he got married, poor eating, unnecessary stresses, drank a lot and took drugs I can’t pronounce;…heart was on a last straw!  ………..Trying to change someone can really push them beyond their limits- people have them ya know?

So, this blog is for him. I know he’s in a better place now….that’s a good change. He’s loved and appreciated there me thinks 🙂 So, to all the Mike’s out there, stay alive amen? Take care of the ticker eh? And make better choices!!!

The picture animation in this post, I made for my sister. She doesn’t really speak to me much. Head all up into a family and making babies :|…… YA SIS!!! Ok…well….I’m sure she won’t see her picture on here, so I emailed it to her. Not really sure she’ll get it there either. But I hope it blesses you if you find it. Hope all have a safe, blessed Merry Christmas; for what it’s worth…my Christmas is VERY different this year….but I’m in good spirits…God loves me, and He loves you too. Not sure when I’ll get back here….If I miss you New Years, well, have a good one of those too. Much love in these uncertain times.

Hey, we’re all in this together….let make the most of it….Praise God! Let’s continue to love and help others where we can. k…? Thanks, and God bless!!!





23andMe & Ancestry adding fake African ancestry to white customer profiles

Yeah, it’s a WTF?! moment…..

Saw this today, and well, while I was not surprised; still felt the need to inform more people on this matter. I hope posting this here will do just that. Will you see this on the MSM?? I don’t know. So much of what “really” goes on in the world these days is perverted, and spun another direction. And, thereby giving people “bad” info. Sad, but that’s the way it is. We have to look further into the news we hear and even then, discern it. Dissect it. And prove it a truth or not.

What I’d like to see is for these companies to show how many people of color, have white or European blood running through their veins. (PS: No I’m not what the world calls “rasist”) But I do believe if you want to know your history or lineage then the truth must be told and regardless of how you feel or what you wish it would be, acceptance of a truth is key to moving forward and maybe even excelling to higher grounds and ideas. Who knows, it just might be a blessing to know you aren’t who you thought you were.

With people/companies like ancestry, fixing the game, well…might be best we not know- unless we can get at the truth. No one wants to be lied to, especially if you paid big money to see accurate results.