Camping, Bushcraft and Survival (INFO/LINKS/VIDEO)

It’s near time (here in my state) where the season for camping and applying (learning) bushcraft and or survival skills would be ideal. Times are changing and whether you call it “climate change” (and it’s always changing) or just simply “extreme weather” (man-made or default) is a reality; we all need to be skilled and teaching other people skills to survive in the event of a SHTF situation.

Heck, if for nothing else, do something fun and educational this Spring/Summer outdoors and bring the kids. Make time for family. It’s not always cool to send the kids away. BE parents, be their teachers and be their thoughts when the words “play” and “learning skills” are mentioned. Stop letting other people raise your family. Step up and make 2018 a year you or your family will ever forget. 🙂 Amen???

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