The Health Ranger Rant (VIDEO)

I posted this vid in a post yesterday as an update. Upon watching this (which wasn’t really a rant); I felt so impressed that it should be shared. Thoughts of wisdom and questioning certain actions of others (as I often do), be it authority or big companies- well, it should play a major part in our lives and be paramount for the very fact that there are some negative things going on around us and it’s in our best interest and the wellbeing of others that we share these thoughts, stay away from such negative or dangerous actions so that we can if but for a moment more walk in a glimmer of peace and then share it with someone else. It’s just one of many ways to thwart evil, at least without bloodshed amen? With that said, please find time to listen to Mike Adams (aka The Health Ranger) who will be launching a new video posting platform this summer. Find out what it’s about! Might be something you want to move with 🙂

PS, if you share these thoughts expressed by Mike, then please share this video.


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