A Future Surveillance World (VIDEO-LINK)

Let’s face it, if you take a call or make a call; you must always assume there is a “third” party on the line listening. Paranoid? Heck no! They admit to listening to and recording your phone calls.

Your Phone Is Listening and it’s Not Paranoia


Thanks to Brother Nathanael for sending me the vid. Enjoyed it.

Reminds me of the movie..Minority Report   a little bit; reminds me of other movies too…is it art imitating life, or life being produced in art?

3 thoughts on “A Future Surveillance World (VIDEO-LINK)”

  1. “is it art imitating life, or life being produced in art?”
    I use a phrase very similar (to the one above) so often, I keep it in my clipboard for instant pasting.


    1. Really? Thought I was the only one who used that…LOL Kidding. Yeah, it can be wrote a couple different ways. But it does make you wonder. People have blended arts with lifestyle- almost hard t tell anymore; but for some, we can discern. 🙂 Thanks Kenneth!

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