Facebook Hates Natural Remedies and the People Who Promote Them (LINK-VIDEO)

Thanks to Lisa Haven for the video. God bless you lady!! Also check out the link below the video!!




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Hope what I’ve posted on here has been helpful to everyone. The internet and the world are changing, and in my case and lifestyle; it’s not good for me. I’ve been making changes for over a year now. Happier too!

Information should be free; the people listening/reading should be able to judge whether or not it’s right for them. We take our knowledge, wisdom and info into our own hands and are responsible for its use or its outcomes…at the end of the day, it’s use good “healthy natural things”, and “buyer beware”…it’s that simple, but it’s still free. Why are so many social platforms both video and other outlets coming down so hard on people who enjoy healthy lifestyles???

Answer: Maybe they don’t like it when you are healthy (they just pretend to care) via another avenue besides theirs…maybe they feel the pressure and are losing money, and people (as it’s been proven) are living longer and feeling better. You cannot control people’s health! So get a life Facebook and if Facebook wishes to vanish or to lose people-base; so be it. Seems like they are hanging themselves. Why would they do that?? Mental defect???????????????/

People, regardless of political affiliation, color, gender (if they have one?? LOL 😀 ) can choose how they wish to live and what they want to buy,…drugs or herbs…That’s freedom…and you know, there are other platforms out there that allow and produce the info people want…censorship, suppression and maybe even complacent in murder?? (WHOA!) will not be tolerated. Facebook, like maybe youtube, “your days are numbered”  Who knows???


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