The Safest Place on the Earth (VIDEO)

Safest Place if WW3 Ever Begins

My question after watching this vid is this: Why has our country not done the same for its people as this country has for its own???


Are You a Federal Employee? Then This is About You (VIDEO)

Thanks to DAHBOO777 for the heads up. I’m sure ( I think), most Federal employees already know or will know that regardless of price increases in food, utilities, or any purchases (cost of living)- fed emps will not see ANY increase. That may be ok for some, not living above their means; but for others,…it could spell hard times….a matter of interpretation and experiences I guess. Anyway, enjoy the vid. Got family that are fed emp…let em’ know! Not (in my opinion) a personal attack on fed emps but typical politics.

Protect yourself against risk of early death: Get a dog (LINK)

“Aside from making pet owners more active, it looks like taking care of dogs can help lower the risk of early death.

An estimated 3.4 million people who didn’t have a history of cardiovascular disease in 2001 were included in the study of Swedish researchers that cross-referenced seven different national data sources. The scientists also looked into two dog ownership registers. The study wanted to confirm if dog owners had a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and death compared to non-dog owners…………….”


Millions of Americans are arming up with new concealed carry permits… and the fastest growth is among WOMEN (LINK)

“Data from the Crime Prevention Research Center shows that more Americans are arming up, especially women. Their statistics revealed that the number of permits for carrying concealed weapons in the United States surpassed 17.25 million this year. This is a rise of 890,000 since last year. It’s an upward trend that has been going on for many years now, with the center’s founder, John Lott, stating that permits numbered just 4.6 million in 2007.

Lott told Fox News that he expects the numbers to continue rising next year, defying the predictions the permits would stop increasing once President Trump took office. Many people believe that the spike in gun sales during the Obama presidency was at least partly driven by the threats of gun control. Therefore, many expected the numbers to drop after Trump was elected, but it is now clear that hasn’t been the case.

Women, minorities increasingly seeking gun permits


Note: To rapists, criminals (robbers) and attackers on women……… might die! Be aware, women are armed now more than ever and you won’t see it coming.

The Truth About Labor Day (LINK)

Well, I don’t know about you, but Labor Day sounds like a day of from school, from work….and yeah! Party at my house!!! No need to BYOB…I’ll share! But what’s the background for real, about this infamous day?

Tyler Durden  and Authored by Gary Galles via Mises Canada, writes and comments:

“Labor Day is supposed to honor all American workers. And every year, union Labor Day rhetoric does just that. Unfortunately, it then makes the false leap to the claim that unions advance the interests of all American working men and women, not just their members.

In fact, despite unions’ pro-worker rhetoric, the effect of most union activities and union-backed policies is to harm most American workers. Unions succeed by preventing competition from other workers who are willing to do the same work for less. Those workers either become unemployed or must go elsewhere to find jobs, increasing the supply of labor services in non-union employment, pushing down wages for all workers in such jobs as a result. The resulting union wage premium does not come out of the pockets of employers as much as from the pockets of other workers, as a result. Since less than 10 percent of the American private-sector workers are unionized, this means that more than 90 percent of private-sector workers are injured by this most basic exercise of union power.

Anti-worker effects are also vividly illustrated by the history of union violence and threats against “non-cooperative” employees. There have been thousands of attacks against such workers in recent decades, and well more than 100 deaths.

Aware that their government protection against workers who are willing to do the same job for less stops at the border,unions have also been the primary movers behind government protectionism of all stripes. But protectionism undermines the interests of all those workers who would have gained from expanded exports, as well as those who, as consumers, would have gained from access to lower cost and superior quality imports………..”




Farmer’s Almanac Prediction: We Are ‘Calling For Teeth-Chattering Cold’ (LINK)

If they are right………here’s your heads up; don’t wait till the last minute, get ready NOW for winter! 😐

The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a bone-chillingly cold and snowy winter. Managing editor of The Farmer’s Almanac Sandi Duncan said: “We’re actually calling for [a] teeth-chattering cold.”

The Almanac’s famed weather forecast is out and the editors are already busting myths about their prediction. If you’re not a fan of winter, the news is bleak. But you’ll still want to break out the winter hats and boots early this year because Duncan added that the cold will likely hit us sooner than normal this winter. “We’re summarizing it as ‘cold and wet’ and the interesting thing is, it looks like winter might start a little bit early. We have some winter storms predicted early on,” said Duncan according to The Press Herald. 

“According to the calendar spring 2019 starts on March 20th, however, according to our outlook, winter conditions may delay spring for several weeks,” said Duncan. “People refer to us when they’re planning a vacation, planning a wedding, planning any kind of event,” said company president Peter Geiger. And the chances of the Farmer’s Almanac being correct are much better than the chances that they are wrong.

Duncan had some added advice for those who particularly dislike the winter months: “When people think of the almanac, right away you think winter,” Duncan said. “But actually there are 16 months of forecasts. If you don’t like the winter forecast, you should keep looking to the summer forecast.”………..”