California: Hotter Than People Think- Fukushima, California (VIDEO/ALERT)

Thanks to DAHBOO777 for this video alert!

The aging San Onofre, located in San Clemente, CA, was shut down in 2012 amid a leak that occurred due to malpractice. According to a report released in 2016, the plant “operated the reactor outside the allowable limits for pressure and temperature, causing the radiation leak that shut down the facility for good,” the San Diego Tribune noted. The shutdown also launched extensive investigations that implicated both the power company and state regulators. Though the plant is out of operation, it still stores 3.6 million pounds of lethal radioactive waste, and according to a worker who blew the whistle on the plant just last week, a near catastrophe just occurred. As local outlet the Dana Pointer reported, plant worker David Fritch explained what happened at a public meeting:…”

It’s sad you know;;; when some people are sooo worried about the dying off sea creature and then banning straws and balloon, that many are overlooking the problem waiting to happen in not just Cali, but other states that use nuclear power to turn on the lights. We, by definition live in a nuclear age…it’s just a matter of time before a Japan scenario happens…and where will it occur……..? Near you maybe? Where is the ban on nuclear energy? Where are the environmentalists b-tching and complaining at?? Hey! If the environmentalist goes extinct, where will the next plastic hat ban come from?? Where will all the green plans go; if there is no one to implement them? I’ll tell you: Sick, dying or dead. Something to think about while not much is done about it. 😦