Using baby wipes can make your child more allergic to food, new study finds (LINK)

Ya know, most companies regardless of tests,…will they ever put anything out in the market that’s actually safe and healthy, unless it really is safe and healthy? When they leave the chems and bio agents alone, the world will be healthier and feel a lot better. But hey! There is no profit and no depopulation, no sickies in the hospital waiting rooms…there’s no profit in peace, but much can be made on war; even the small ones against humanity. How to win? Just don’t play. Simple. 

And those famous words ring out; “I’ll Do It Myself!” (in our case, we can make it ourselves)-stop relying on the world. Become self-sustaining and reliant on no one but God’s green earth! Amen or Oh me??

“One moment, your cuddly infant is giggling without a care in the world. The next, he’s crying uncontrollably from itchy rashes all over his body.

The itchy rashes could be a sign of food allergy, which the baby could have acquired from environmental and genetic sources.

Professor Cook-Mills led a research on the causes of food allergies by studying newborn mice that had normal-looking skin.  The research team gave the mice egg or peanut after exposing them three or four times to food and dust allergens, including sodium lauryl sulfate, a soap present in infant wipes. The mice showed allergic reactions in the area of the skin exposure and in the intestine. The allergic reactions included the life-threatening anaphylaxis…………”