Wildfires in the Northern Dead Sea, Israel (VIDEO) ?

Sept 12, 2018

Just ran across this vid looking for more info/vids on Philippines /China Typhoon – Did not know Israel gets wildfires like California. I don’t keep up with news especially weather news in Israel…other than them fighting and killing each other often (Palestinians/Israelis), I don’t hear too much different from that type of news. Maybe you keep up with it; but if you don’t…here it is…wildfire in the Northern region of the Dead Sea.

Gota add this: I will say this, compared to all the firemen and equipment/ water etc that we have in California; looks like Israel can stop (as appears in video) a wildfire a lot better than people in America. Hmmmm. Sad to say the least for a country so large and so well equipped. Got to give a shout out to Israeli firefighters…seems they know how to put out a fire before it gets out of control. Kudos!!!! True heroes!!! Saved animals, homes, people, etc.