Bugging Out? Don’t Forget Fido’s Own Bug Out Bag! (LINK) (They Wear it)

Dog Out Bag: What You Need In A Dog Survival Kit

“We’ve always got the best and most practical kit for ourselves, but when it comes to our pets there are some needs that they have as well. This is why if you have a four-legged friend, you should be setting up a dog survival kit with the essentials that will help them, as well as help you when you need to get that survival hat on.

The ‘dog out bag’, as I like to call it, is a simple kit built for your canine so that when you are in a bugout, survival situation, or you are just going outdoors for a hike, your loyal friend can help you and have the capability to carry their own kit.

There are a number of reasons why having your dog with you is a great addition to your survival in the wild and at the top of that list of reasons is that an average dog with just a little bit of training would increase your survival exponentially. Dogs are also a paramount mode of security. Their presence alone is enough to deter potential intruders, attackers and wild animals and they are the best early warning device systems you could ever have. Their sense of sound, smell and sight would set off an alarm a lot earlier than any human would do……..”

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Some people not only lost lives, homes, cars, property, but they lost some animals (pets) in the coastal regions of my state (North Carolina) because they didn’t prepare for this event, and they really didn’t prepare for their pets either. Don’t let this happen to your best friend. Spend the extra $ for your four-legged friend- you’ll be glad you did. You have a bag? Our pets need one too!