4 thoughts on “Tesla Technology Has Been Revived (VIDEO)”

  1. I’m dismayed that these people (taking the time to find the company AND do a drive by) didn’t actually stop in and ask questions. ***I would have
    Just because security follows you, it’s not private property with “no trespassing” signs, and it’s not military so, they should have stopped in. ***again… I would have

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    1. Amen. I liked ol Tesla…he wanted to give free energy to the world(and could have); but the PTB, they wanted a meter on it; If it could not be metered, then it was not going to exist. The gov’t of that day killed Tesla and shelved/vaulted his stuff…committed his science to R&D projects; weaponizing most of them…others like cellular tech to tracking and hurting people. The list goes on. He invented the telephone, light bulb, etc…


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