DIY $49 Bug Out Bag (Dollar Store) Emergency Kit – You Can Afford! (VIDEO)

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Here’s an Amazon List I put together with comparable items to what I picked up at the Dollar Store (although it cost a bit more on Amazon):

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Deciding To Implement a Bug out Plan – Why Evacuate?

No matter how harsh the wake-up call is, some people still have a hard time accepting the immediate reality. When SHTF and people are ordered to evacuate, some will choose not to, and they will end up in the grim statistics.

The topics of bugging out or staying put are constantly being put to the challenge. It’s better to understand when it’s time to go in order to avoid making a bigger mistake.

When a natural disaster hits, leaving is a good decision since it may be the only thing that can help you survive. However, it’s important to understand that hitting the road may put you in danger. You may have to face a risk that is possibly greater than what you would face by staying behind.

Now, if you have an advanced warning that things are taking a turn for the worst, but all means take note of it and leave. If the authorities are telling you that you have to leave your home behind, there’s no point in arguing about their reasons to give such an order. Do yourself a favor and head for safer pastures until the situation calms down…..”